Car share & walk for transportation

Life is much harsher, considering the economic climate, than in the past. Economically, life is hasher than it used to be. Life was a lot easier in the past. In the past, you could look for work within two weeks, and you will get something. But now even to do a cleaning job, they will ask you to bring a CV. So job situation is actually harder than it used to be. So people have developed all kinds of coping mechanisms to cope with the way things are. Now, because job is hard, you tend to want to do everything to keep it. But there are many ways you can cope with the hardship. If you work in an organisation that is big, some people do car sharing to reduce cost of transportation. You can only share if you have somebody to share with. Also, you can minimise your use of car. For instance, coming to this interview, I have to walk as my partner has got the car.

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