Got my signature, but says it’s their idea

They’ve got Quarry Park, where they do periodic programmes. Em, I use to be on the Steering Group for that, but came out of it because I was giving ideas out, they don’t use them at all. Then six months later, they will use the activities and put green spaces name on it and I have done all on it. I mean, I am not a vain person. But to take it and put your own name on it, well, I just got fed up of giving ideas. And I said you know what? I don’t mind doing the leg work.  I don’t mind planning things, but don’t tell me you are not going to use them, then six weeks, six months down the line you push out this event, which is clearly the same piece of paper sitting in my hand, which has got my name on it. My signature all over it and you say it is your idea when clearly it is not. So I get the email sent to me, but I don’t really attend the meetings as I think it is pointless for me go.

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