Canoeing with my idea

The Canoe Club – the idea is now 7 years old. One of the first things I do was to become a volunteer on the boat. And they were talking about building their own canoes and teaching people how to use them. So I use my contacts within the Scottish Canoeing Association. I did the paper work for it. They had the idea to build a set of boats, kayaks. So I got their insurance for them. Told them how they would have to store them, where around here is best to store them. And they decided for year not to do it and said to me that they wouldn’t use it at all. Em, they went to Prospect [Housing Association] across the road and met their Community Officer. And between the Union [Canal] and themselves, they turned my idea into their idea and they now have a container in the Calders, where they filled with kayaks, which they have to replace because they’ve not done them properly. And now there is canoeing being done by the Union [Canal] and instruction done when people want to use it. I mean I was a fully qualified canoeing instructor and boat master. Em, never involved me at all, which I think is wrong. But I know why they are excluding me, because I did not want them to take control over me. They are doing a canoeing club, which if you look at the paper work it has got my signature on it, but they’ve not involved me. They are charging local community people full price to use it rather than a discounted price, which I think is wrong. And so that’s why.

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