the Government bending the rules a little bit

My attitude to life is: I wake up in the morning. I look at the window and say: hello! Another 24 hours. A bonus! I always have a positive attitude when I woke up in the morning. Another 24 hours to go. As I have said many, many times Amadu, when my time comes, I will refuse to go. Because hello! My quality of life has decreased with age and so I take it badly when I can’t enjoy any more, you know.

At the present moment, I am an official carer of my brother-in-law who lives in the house with me. And I care for him officially. I do his shopping, I do the cleaning. I do his cooking. I do house washing, his ironing. Tell him when to change his shirt. Well, just. It was his health care worker who came in one day and says to me:  “I take it you are getting carer’s allowance?” Hey, I said: “What’s that? I didn’t know anything about it.  I could have been claiming it for years. And damn know nothing about it until this chap mentioned it to me. That’s what I find with a lot of people em, old and elderly, that, that’s what is wrong. The government themselves know that lot of pensioners like me are not claiming what they are entitled to. But nobody tells you what you are entitled to. How can you claim it if you know nothing about it?, you know. It could be that it is the government bending the rules a little bit. They don’t tell you to save money. It is quite possible, you know. They are all bloody crooks. They’ve not just been found out yet.  But I have got it now, so I am not too bad really.

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