Being the joker & poet laureate

Well, I meet people of my own age. I am considered as a kind of a joker in the group [community arts group]. I’ve got a set of new jokes every week, you know. I make it as part of my daily routine. If I can make some one smile or laugh, then my day has been a success. Three weeks ago, I was approached by Joe Blogg. She informed me that in September this year, it is the 10th anniversary of the canal being open, and that she has told the group that sometime ago I was the poet laureate of Wester Hailes. She asked me if I can compose something for the celebration. And I phoned the woman in charge, the General Manager, and told her that I am finished [composing the poem]. I read it over the phone and she was pleased with it and asked me to bring it to the next meeting, so that it can be included in the programme. I am not paid for it. I am not bothered.

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