I Learned to be frugal & improve a bland meal

Oh, I am coping as a pensioner with the credit crunch. Hey, long ago, even before my wife died I learned to be frugal. So I just carry it on now. It is just a habit. You look for the cheapest thing and make the bloody best of it, you know. Am doing it every bloody day. Because when I use to work, I use to go to the shops and come in with my hands loaded with bags. But, now, through years of experience you learn how to make do, you know.  I mean even potatoes now are hefty in price. So, alternate maybe chips one day, boil potatoes the next. Rice the next. Macaroni. I mean a fine healthy meal, macaroni with bacon chopped up will make mixed through it. And once you’ve strewn the water off, break an egg in and whip that through. It gives the eggs that little bit of extra taste. There are so many extra things you can do to improve a bland meal.

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